Thursday 19 November 2020 was a celebration of the stand outs of Lab by Transport for Wales cohort 2. With one start-up being awarded £25,000, 2 receiving commendations from TfWR and a total of 8 start-ups progressing to business case review.

Our virtual demo day was a culmination of cohort 2 our innovation accelerator, ran in partnership between Rheilffyrdd Trafnidiaeth Cymru and a team of innovation experts powering TfWL Alt Labs.

This accelerator helped busnesau newydd i ddatblygu ateb, a fyddai’n gallu gwella rheilffyrdd Cymru, ac ennill contract gwaith gyda Rheilffyrdd Trafnidiaeth Cymru. 

Ideas ranged from technology tracking and staff wellbeing monitoring to cyber security solutions and video analytics platform capable of detecting events and behaviours.

Of the 11 startups that took part, 8 progressed onto business case review with Transport for Wales Rail following demo day.

In this post we’re going to break down each of these startups

Cyflwyno’r enillydd...

Spatial Cortex was crowned winner of the programme, taking home £25,000 for their performance and participation on the programme.

Spatial Cortex introduced their manual handling injuries are a major contributor to lost-time injuries in the rail industry. Given that TfW has recently taken over CVL infrastructure, it is crucial that necessary steps are in place to remove and prevent any likely manual handling injuries 

Learn more about Spatial Cortex here >  

The commendations…

Route Konnect 

Route Konnect worked towards anonymously counting and tracking passengers at trains and stations for TfWR.  This information can then be provided in real-time to provide live data to the front line and passengers and allow passengers on trains and stations to make more informed decisions surrounding their travels.   

Learn more about Route Konnect here > 

Emu Analytics  

Mae EMU Analytics yn cynhyrchu gwybodaeth busnes real, amserol y mae modd gweithredu arni o ddata eang am leoliad mewn amser real. Their system aims to provide a quick and efficient way to inform the passengers and staff of an incident on the train to improve the TFWRail service.  

Discover more about Emu Analytics here >

Business Case Review…

further start-up’s progressed into commercial discussions with Transport for Wales Rail, to take their product to market following the programme. 


Wordnerds measure social sentiment, in a sophisticated way that provides deeper analysis than simply word clouds and identifying keywords. It is an Insight software platform to help brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers across multiple social channels.

You can find out more about Wordnerds >

Window Seater

Window Seater offered engaging, geo-located content that is relevant to the customers’ journey, attracting people to leisure routes and alleviating boredom along the way by connecting them to the world outside their window.   

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael yma: 

You Smart Thing

You. Smart. Thing. are addressing the challenge of providing door-to-door journey planning. 

Building on the ‘Travel Assistant’ service, You.SmartThing’s MVP will help Transport for Wales Rail customers make door-to-door journeys by combining their journey preferences, bespoke routings, multi-modal transport data, real-time updates, and by providing customers a personalised rail-optimised journey plan. 

Discover more: 


Real time polling solution to gather instant results.  

Discover more: 


Yoello designed and implement contactless payment solutions for train operators to provide their customers with easy, efficient and safe methods of purchasing food & drinks from their seats.  

The whitelabel technology uses QR Codes to launch an app-less solution which to provide a streamlined customer experience.” 

Discover more: 

Ein Carfan Nesaf 

We are currently recruiting for Cohort 3 of the TfWL  accelerator programme, which will commence in May of 2021 

Apply before midnight 4th April to take part > 

You can view our cohort 2 demo day below