Following on from our ‘meet our cohort 1’ post, we wanted to shine a brighter spotlight on the amazing start-ups that are taking part in our accelerator programme.  

This is a chance to really get to know the start-ups in more depth. Discover more about their background, experiences and how they’re helping Transport for Wales Rail. 

In this post we’re taking a closer look at PassageWay. 

Who is PassageWay? 

PassageWay connects people, places and communities to real-time, local mobility data, raising awareness and driving demand for mobility operators.   

What industries does PassageWay operate in? 

Smart Mobility and Smart Cities. 

What makes PassageWay different? 

PassageWay is a platform for easily creating real-time mobility and digital wayfinding signs. Delivered as URLs the signs can be displayed on any Internet-connected screen, from a smartphone to a stadium display.  

Uniquely, PassageWay brings together multi-modal transport alongside other micro data, merging it with wayfinding information to provide signs that connect people to their local environment.” 

How PassageWay Started 

We originally developed the award-winning DigiSign platform for Transport for London who use it to power digital signs across London.  

Working with the team at Transport for London we evolved the business case and launched PassageWay in late 2018 with the mission to take the platform to other cities and countries around the world. 

Why was the TfWL programme of interest & a good fit for your organisation?  

The TfWL Accelerator provides a fantastic opportunity to gain deep understanding of the customer experience needs, challenges and aspirations of Transport for Wales.  

As an innovative tech start-up in the mobility sector we recognise that it is only by partnering and meeting the needs of major operators that we will build PassageWay into a game-changing product.   

What do you hope to achieve from the TfWL programme? 

Working collaboratively, we believe that together we will bring true innovation to the TfWL customer experience.

Building on the PassageWay platform to deliver TfWL passengers timely, insightful information that raises awareness and drives demand for the transport network. 

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