After our introduction to cohort 1 blog post, we decided to highlight each startup individually. We have a bunch of great businesses on cohort 1, and cramming them into just one post didn’t seem to do them justice. 

This is a chance to really get to know the start-ups in more depth. Their background, their experiences and how they’re helping Transport for Wales Rail. 

In this post we’re taking a closer look at Cleverciti. 

Who is Cleverciti? 

As the only smart parking guidance solution based on future-proof AI technology, Cleverciti provides clients unprecedented value by efficiently filling every parking space and seamlessly guiding patrons to the best open spot, with zero capital investment and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. 

What industry does Cleverciti cover?

Smart parking. 

What makes Cleverciti different? 

Cleverciti is the only smart parking management solution that harnesses the power of sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence, the IoT and deep learning to deliver a wealth of data to parking operators.  

This information assists leaders in both the public and private sectors in streamlining parking management better serve customers and the general public and help solve some of the most urgent parking challenges facing organizations today. 

The ClevercitiSensor has streamlined parking operations for clients across the globe and The ClevercitiCirc360 solution has redefined parking and communications by combining navigation with a highly visible LED display that provides the opportunity to display marketing messages and paid sponsorships. 

Cleverciti overhead sensors can easily attach to light poles or other fixtures on the street or in a parking lot. These types of sensors leverage visual detection coupled with AI to detect whether a parking space is open or available.  

Sensors process raw data and send a compact packet of information on parking availability to administrators and drivers. The status of each area is updated every three to 30 seconds. 
These types of sensor solutions can cover up to 100 parking spaces and are easily installed on existing infrastructure, such as lamp posts, buildings or masts.  

The plug-and-play architecture and flexibility mean they can easily be relocated as needs change. With a range of up to 400 meters and up to 320 degrees, overhead sensors measure the exact GPS position and the size of open parking spaces.  

Purpose-built for parking operations, the sensors are fully compliant with privacy regulations, no video leaves the sensors and all image processing occurs at the edge. 

How Cleverciti Started 

Cleverciti was founded in 2012 by Thomas Hohenacker, a seasoned and respected global entrepreneur, with a vision to simplify and modernize parking operations with intelligent, easy-to-deploy integrated sensor systems.  

Since its launch, Cleverciti has solidified its place as the technology leader in smart parking solutions and services.  

As the only technology provider that combines intelligent parking detection and driver communication into one integrated sensor platform, Cleverciti enables customers to offer data capture and analysis to multiple stakeholders within an organization including operations, marketing, and customer service. 

Cleverciti has offices across the globe including European headquarters in Munich, Germany, and North American headquarters in Atlanta.  

Our global sales, professional services and customer support organizations are designed to meet customer needs around the world.  

With more than 200 installations in 20 countries across the world, Cleverciti is defining the future of smart parking. 

Why was the TfWL programme of interest & a good fit for your organisation?  

The TfWL programme is a rare opportunity for a supplier to gain inside knowledge of TfW’s day-to-day business operations.  

This initiative allows us to get a clearer understanding of the challenges the industry faces and allows us to adapt our offering into a customized solution for TfW using their own data and customer feedback. 

What do you hope to achieve from the TfWL programme? 

Cleverciti hopes to build the first wayfinding and guidance solution is collaboration with TfW. 

Our efforts can help direct customers directly from their homes to the railway network, giving them precise directions to open spaces, improving the parking experience, encouraging more rail use and decreasing commuter traffic and emissions. 

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