Following on from our ‘meet cohort 1’ piece, we wanted to shine a brighter spotlight on the fantastic start-ups that are taking part in our accelerator programme.  

This is a chance to really get to know the start-ups in more depth. Their background, their experiences and how they’re helping Transport for Wales Rail. 

In this post we’re taking a closer look at Briteyellow. 

Who is Briteyellow? 

We help real estate operators in transport and the built environment to connect people better with their places. We achieve this through our Augmented and Virtual Reality indoor mapping software and Internet of Things sensors.  

Our technology allows them to digitize spaces to improve customer experience and productivity, and to unlock hidden revenues through better customer insights, user experience, and resource optimization. 

What industry does Briteyellow operate in? 

Real Estate in Transport, Retail, the Built Environment including Smart Cities, and Regeneration. 

What makes Briteyellow different? 

“We do with one system what customers will normally need three different providers to achieve.  

From smart sensors to a fully digital twin experience, it is an out of the box solution that is designed from the ground up as a fully integrated, end to end system, giving our customers the full value of smart spaces, with more insight, faster, and more frictionless, than any competitor.” 

How Briteyellow Started 

Briteyellow XR was founded in 2019. It evolved from our background of providing managed Wi-Fi and analytics solutions for councils, shopping malls, and property landlords.  

It has transformed our business model from a service led to a product led proposition, with greater scalability.  

We have successfully piloted with PLC House Builder Redrow and completed several proofs of concepts including with rail franchise operator Go-Ahead plc as part of their Billion Journey Accelerator, and Suffolk Council as part of the Digital Catapult Centre Future Networks Lab.  

An alumnus of the Wayra Intelligent Mobility Accelerator with Telefonica and the Connected Places Catapult, Briteyellow was a winner of the BetaPitch Berlin 2019 Transport Accessibility competition and was awarded the IPIEC ICT Pioneer award. 

Why was the TfWL programme of interest & a good fit for your organisation?  

The TfWL was of interest because of the opportunity to showcase our new XReality platform and application with a regional operator. 

What do you hope to achieve from the TfWL programme? 

We hope to map some of major stations in Wales to create an Augmented and Virtual Reality pilot application that will incentivise self-service, reduce stress for passengers, improve passenger staff engagement, help customers find and interact with staff help points, and communicate station facilities and availability better. 

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