Following on from our ‘meet cohort 1’ piece, we wanted to shine a brighter spotlight on the fantastic start-ups that are taking part in our accelerator programme.  

This is a chance to really get to know the start-ups in more depth. Their background, their experiences and how they’re helping Transport for Wales Rail. 

In this post we’re taking a closer look at Big Lemon. 

Who is Big Lemon? 

Big Lemon build meaningful digital products that empower change makers to deliver positive change. They’ve solved challenges with original creativity and intelligent technology to make tech a force for good and with purpose. 

What industry does Big Lemon operate in? 

Big Lemon have worked with across health, education, energy, arts, news reporting, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, retail and hospitality.  

Some notable projects include developing digital products for Admiral and UWTSD, to designing native apps for the NHS. 

What makes Big Lemon different? 

Our approach is very much a collaborative one, being a team of five people we are agile, proactive, and reactive.  

We strive for better, to be ethical, put people first, and think big. 

Researching, developing and creating unique products fuels us, our imaginations often run away with us.  

For us it’s not about churning out high volumes of work, but collaboratively solving problems and making a difference through clever use of tech, it’s not just an ideal, it’s an ethos. Enjoying the work process itself. 

We build products that focus on purpose, not the bottom line — helping others in their ambitions for a better, fairer, cleaner world.” 

How Big Lemon Started 

Big Lemon started in a pub. Founders Kieran and Owen were consoling themselves over a pint. Fed up of being stuck in boring jobs. 

Kieran and Owen built Big Lemon to help others realise ambitions with original creativity and clever technology, bringing a sense of fun and innovation to everything they do, collaboratively solving problems by designing and building bespoke software, apps and bots. 

Why was the TfWL programme of interest & a good fit for your organisation? What do you hope to achieve from the TfWL programme? 

“It’s always our intention to build products we enjoy working on as a team; this opportunity allows us to build something that not only aligns with our ethos but will allow us to push the boundaries of what’s technically possible.” 

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