We’re innovating rail, and we’re doing it from the Wales’ only rail dedicated innovation hub, the Lab by Transport for Wales.

Wondering how and where our innovation lab is? Take a sneak peek inside of our Innovation Lab, where we keep Wales moving, and where your start-up could be working. 

We know the disconnect that can exist between innovation and large corporate infrastructures. This misunderstanding can be all it takes to prevent new ideas becoming real world solutions, and making companies stagnate or fall behind the times. When planning the Lab by Transport for Wales (TfWL) innovation accelerator programme, creating a workspace that would foster innovation through creativity and collaboration was one of our key focuses.  

We knew that nailing the Lab’s fit-out would help produce the best results and attract the best tech start-ups to the programme.  

A peek inside of TfWL 

The Lab is located with in Newport’s central hub of innovation, Platfform. Anchoring TfWL in the centre of innovation within Newport was the natural choice, allowing us to create an environment that would attract the best start-ups and give them the facilities needed to produce the best results. 

Our innovation Lab provides everything needed for start-ups to upscale their business, refine their product proposition in line with the needs of Transport for Wales Rail customers and develop a prototype to pitch to decision makers at Transport for Wales Rail. 

An exciting, open plan layout encourages collaboration and creativity across the Lab, in a friendly, social environment. The Lab and its facilities can be freely used by all start-ups enrolled on the programme for the entirety of the accelerator.  

Businesses who are successful in pitching for a contract of work with Transport for Wales Rail in week 12 of the programme will be able to continue working out of the lab to fully develop and launch their solution. 

The Lab’s working stations are split into desked areas and hot desking space, which offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, allowing you to drop in and out of the Lab when needed. Whether that’s to get through your task list in isolation, prepare for an upcoming innovation workshop, or meet with a member of the TfWL team. 

A separate collaboration area allows teams to work together on projects, presentations, videos or showcase any kind of multimedia on a Jive media unit, along with having whiteboards to work on as a group. 

The Lab’s presentation area is home to a cosy auditorium styled tiered seating arrangement, complete with projector. Run through pitches, practice presentations or showcase new developments to the innovation delivery team easily, with our presentation setup. 

A blend of technology and rail aesthetics was the inspiration for the innovative interior we created within the Lab, which results in an exciting and lively working environment for our start-ups to work in and for the most innovative ideas and solutions to be developed. 

Get Involved 

You and your start-up can be part of Lab by Transport for Wales by applying today.  

Check out more about our accelerator programme and make your application over at the F6S Application page > https://www.f6s.com/tfwlab/apply 

Recruitment deadline January 2022.