Welcome to Challenge 100, our new bright ideas scheme for colleagues at TfW!

As an ever-evolving business, it’s really important that we identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

This is so that we can grow and continually improve the experience for our customers. This scheme will initially launch as a 3-month trial. During this time our aim is to get 100 great ideas from right across the business that could help us either generate new revenue or make something we’re already doing more cost efficient.

Simply click on the ‘New Suggestion’ tab below to get started.


Innovation really matters at TfW. If we’re to achieve the targets set out for us in Llwybr Newydd, the Wales Transport Strategy 2021 – Llwybr Newydd: the Wales transport strategy 2021 | GOV.WALES – we need to create new solutions to the challenges that lie ahead, as well as learn from best practice from around the world.

All of us can contribute to improving the way we deliver our operations and ensuring our customers remain at the heart of everything that we do. So, have you got an idea that could improve the way your role works day to day or help out your department? Maybe something that could have a positive impact on another part of TfW? We want to help you bring that idea to life!

With the challenges that we’re seeing across the economy and within our industry right now, we will be prioritising ideas that could help us boost our revenue or reduce our existing costs. We also want to improve our customer experience and encourage more people to leave their car at home and travel more sustainably.

You’re welcome to submit as many ideas as you like! All of the ideas we receive will be reviewed by our senior leadership team, along with subject matter experts from right across TfW. We want to be confident that we’re progressing the ideas that could really work and make a difference to our budgets.

We’ll provide feedback and regular updates on all of the ideas that are received.

Thank you.