Week 3 saw start-ups on cohort 2 of TfWL take part in a number of design thinking workshops.

As well as this, we had guest speakers talk about additional funding and resources available to each start-up.

Let’s take a closer look at what went down in week 3 of TfWL’s cohort 2.

Funding Start-ups

As part of the TfWL programme, start-ups will pitch for a chance to secure funding, as well as a cash prize.

Furthermore, start-ups may be eligible for additional funding for taking part in the programme.

In week 3 of cohort 2, representatives from 3 funding bodies presented funding opportunities to our start-ups. These presentations illustrated and demonstrated the additional resources that are available to start-ups taking part in TfWL cohort.

Funding bodies that took part in the cohort 2 were:

  • Development bank wales
  • Business Wales
  • Knowledge Transfer Network

Since then, Cohort 2 start-ups have made contact with these organisations, to progress these opportunities further.

Design Thinking

TfWL is built around helping start-ups building products that are fit for purpose.

Furthermore, the Lab aims to help start-ups launch these products to market, through Transport for Wales Rail.

Week 3 of the programme saw our start-ups engage in “Design Thinking” workshops.

These workshops spanned numerous activities and topics including:

  • Creation of an Ad-Lib Proposition Statement
  • Understanding and creating a Business Model Canvas
  • Creation of a Value Proposition Canvas
  • Understanding what a Persona Document is – and applying it to their project.

The Bigger Picture

The work that start-ups prepared in week 3 – will be validated with their stakeholders in week 4.

These stakeholders are comprised of both product sponsors and product owners. These stakeholders will review this collateral with the start-ups and help them refine, complete and most importantly, validate.

This validation is important, as it will help define what the start-ups continue to develop as the cohort continues.