Following on from our “meet the cohort” article, we wanted to profile each startup we’re working with in more detail.  

We wanted to highlight the experiences and skillsets each start-up we’re collaborating with.

In this post we’re taking a closer look at Qi Managed Services and their “Smart Bench” solution. 

Who is Qi Managed Services? 

We install smart public seating benches to enhance the rail network environment in and around stations and depots.   

Our products enhance customer and staff experience with the provision of services including device and smartphone charging, Wi-Fi hotspot and LCD screens display information.   

Promotion they also provide rail operators with revenue generation opportunities for marketing and  promotion activity via the bench’s screen. 

What industries does Qi Managed Services operate in? 

Local authorities, rail sector, hospitality and private sector businesses. 

What makes Qi Managed Services different? 

“Over and above traditional wooden and metal benches, our state-of-the-art SMART benches feature, as standard, Wi-Fi and SMART phone device charging with add-ons such as LCD screens.   

With its contemporary look, our benches provide a welcoming place to rest, wait and recharge. 

The bench is a one-stop-shop for a broad range of commercialisation facilities;  unlike our competitors’ fragmented alternatives via different sources e.g. advertising hoardings, digital displays, Wi-Fi facilities.   

Our benches’ competitive advantage over other technologies is the provision of a single innovative solution;  more cost effective than installing and running multiple assets and combining commercialisation opportunities whilst enhancing the environment.” 

How Qi Managed Services Started 

In 2018 we set up the Company and started to research Qi Technology, global manufacturers creating  solutions and opportunities for the UK market.     

Having identified the commercial and social benefits generated by the SMART bench, we were invited by a national SMART City steering group to work with local authorities on SMART City projects across the country and started trading in 2019.   

Since then, the Rail Alliance invited us to work with rail operators to explore the best ways to deploy the benches in their environments.   

The interest generated has been significant and we continue to work with business partners to fully realise the benches’ potential – environmentally as well as commercially. 

Why was the TfWL programme of interest & a good fit for your organisation?  

As we are currently working with several rail operators, we took the strategic decision to maximise the opportunities presented by the deployment of Smart benches in railway stations.  

The TfWL program provides us with a platform to develop our strategy over the next three months and hopefully beyond within Wales. 

What do you hope to achieve from the TfWL programme? 

We want to be able to demonstrate to the TfWL the commercial and social benefits of deploying the benches throughout the network as they enhance the passenger experience. 

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