For the very first time, Lab by Transport for Wales will be hosting our own VIRTUAL Demo Day. 

Demo day is our showcase event of the innovative ideas that have been produced throughout Cohort 1 of our accelerator programme.

Join us for Demo Day on Monday 29 June at 1:30pm, to see each startup pitch their innovative solutions and hear from key stakeholders across Transport for Wales Rail.

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The Start-ups 

Take a look at some of the fantastic start-ups who have taken part in our accelerator programme.   


Briteyellow are a tech start-up whose technology can digitize spaces to improve overall customer experience. They operate within the Real Estate in Transport, Retail, the Built Environment including Smart Cities, and Regeneration industries.  

Find out more information about Briteyellow: 



Realtime Knowledge  

Realtime Knowledge are a UK based team who develop innovative software system designed to transform field level operational reporting.They have expertise across all areas of the Transport sector, including airlines, airports, bus and rail.  

Find out more information about Realtime Knowledge: 



Big Lemon

Find out more information about Big Lemon: 




PassageWay have the goal of connecting people, places and communities to up-to-date information about the mobility data. They want to raise awareness and drive demand in mobility operators cross the Smart Mobility and Smart Cities industries. 

Find out more about PassageWay: 



QI Managed Services 

QI Managed Services’ leading product is their mart public seating benches. They want to enhance the rail customer experience by having their benches installed in and around stations and depots. They operate within the local authorities, rail sector, hospitality and private sector businesses. 

Find out more information about QI Managed Services:  




Cleverciti operates within the smart parking industry to provide an innovative smart parking solution. They aim to seamlessly fill every parking space using their smart parking overhead sensors and an integrated mobile app so that you can get real-time information straight to your phone.  

Find out more information about Cleverciti: 




Hiperview’s main goal is to provide an instant customer feedback analysis by asking customers to fill out digital surveys. This will allow them to identify areas where there are issues and fix them immediately to ensure customer satisfaction.  


Linguaskin’s solution enables multi-language online services and switchable language packs 
to be created simply, quickly and cost-effectively. This ensures accessibility to all users and guarantees customer satisfaction. Linguaskin has the ability to automatically correct any accessibility issues, saving time and cost.  

Find out more information about LInguaskin: 



How to take part  

You can grab your tickets for our 100% virtual Demo Day here > 

The event will be live streamed on Monday 29th June at 1:30pm sharp. We expect to be wrapped up by 3:30pm.

Throughout Demo Day you can uncover great networking opportunities, take part in Q&A’s and even win prizes in one of our giveaways. 

The agenda for the event is as follows; 

  • 13:30 – 13:45 Welcome & Keynote talk from CEO of TFWRS Kevin Thomas 
  • 13:45 – 15:05 Startup pitch presentations 
  • 15:05 – 15:30 Closing Ceremony including prize winners announced 

The event will be streamed, live on our YouTube channel > 

Applications for Cohort 2 of our accelerator programme end on Friday 3rd July 2020.

You can learn more about cohort 2 here >

You can apply for cohort 2 here >