We’ve accelerated almost 20 businesses and took 13 of these to business case review with Transport for Wales Rail. Recruitment for cohort 3 of our innovation accelerator programme is now open! Your business could be the next startup to come through our innovation lab and launch your product across Transport for Wales Rail and break into the rail industry.

Apply now > https://www.f6s.com/labbytransportforwalescohort3

If this opportunity for growth would be useful to your tech startup, read on to find out what the programme entails, how it can help your business and how to apply.

This post will explain how our free Welsh rail, remote Innovation Accelerator Programme can have you ready to pitch a validated MVP and secure a contract of work with TfWR. 

Your current struggles

Struggling to get your killer idea in front of the right people? The customers you currently have love what you do – but getting in front of new customers just seems like a constant up hill battle. If more people knew about you, business would be booming. But right now – you’re treading water. Your product and efforts aren’t generating the money it deserves.

The long hours are racking up. The hard work is getting harder. You’re putting in the effort, but new business is few and far between.

You can’t seem to get your solution in front of the right people. You just need that “foot-in-the-door”

We hear you. We’ve seen so any startups in the exact same position. But dont worry! The good news for you is.

We can help you!

Our remote accelerator programme can help you get in front of decision makers at TfWR.

We can give you access to stakeholders, data, customer testing and mentors.

We can help you develop and present an MVP to secure a contract of work.

And we can do this, in just 12 weeks.


With our free remote innovation accelerator programme you can:

  • Secure a contract of work with TfWR
  • Secure funding to support the development of your solution
  • Grow and scale your start-up business
  • Win a share of £15,000

Apply now > https://www.f6s.com/labbytransportforwalescohort3

What is Lab by Transport for Wales?

Lab by Transport for Wales is an innovation accelerator programme dedicated to Welsh rail. It is ran in partnership with Transport for Wales Rail (TfWR) to improve their customer experience. We have accelerated 19 startups through our programme, and helped get 13 startups to business case review with Transport for Wales Rail.

We are currently recruiting for cohort 3 of our programme, which will be delivered remotely. Just as we did with cohort 2.

This means you can take part in our 12-week programme from home. Allowing you to safely work and grow your business following current government COVID-19 guidelines.

By the end of our 12-week remote accelerator programme, your startup will be ready to pitch a validated solution to TfWR panel of decision makers.

This pitch will give you the opportunity to secure a contract of work. Allowing you to secure funding to finish development of your product to be rolled out across TfWR and providing your business with more revenue.

What To Expect From Our Accelerator Programme

  • A 12-week remote programme of Workshops, Stakeholder 1-2-1’s & Mentoring.
  • Access to data, resources and knowledge from within the rail industry.
  • Guidance across innovative, lean development and design working methods.
  • Commercial, pitching and financial guidance.
  • The skills needed to test and validate that your product is fit for market.
  • Access to TfWR data to help refine your product and solution.
  • Opportunities to liaise and network with TfWR Senior Leadership Team and stakeholders.
  • Access to online learning, workshop resources & community of start-ups.
  • A demo day where you pitch your final solution to decision makers at TfWR with the chance to secure a contract of work.
  • All delivered 100% online.

This is an opportunity for you to develop products and validated solutions to improve Welsh rail and grow your start-up. In the most time and cost-effective way possible.

Our delivery team will ensure that you develop fit for purpose and scalable solutions. Giving you the best opportunity to generate revenue for your business.

The programme is free of charge and will not cost you a penny to take part.

Apply now > https://www.f6s.com/labbytransportforwalescohort3

Why Remote?

No one expected social restrictions to be as they are in 2021 due to the pandemic. 

With COVID-19 presenting new challenges for rail, we are still looking to plan for the future. Cohort 2 proved we could deliver an accelerator programme with great success remotely. 

This allows you to partake in the entire 12-week programme from your home, or own office space.

All workshop and learning material will be available online for you to access, view, and engage with in your own time.

Content will be delivered through a series of video, presentations and guides online.

Active participation workshops and one-on-ones will be delivered through video conferencing and live chats.

This mixed approach means you can prepare for workshops in your own time at your own leisure, then engage and take part in workshops at designated times one day per week.

Apply now > https://www.f6s.com/labbytransportforwalescohort3

What to expect

The programme spans 12 weeks, culminating with a demo day where you pitch your final solution to TfWR decision makers.

The entirety of the programme will be delivered virtually, through video conferencing.

Communication lines will also be open across Microsoft teams and email.

Our innovation team will deliver weekly interactive sessions and facilitate workshops each Wednesday. Your attendance will be required for each of these sessions.

These sessions are where you will learn and develop your skillset across MVP development, design thinking, production innovation and get access to TfWR senior team members, data and resources.

When does it start?

Our remote programme launches April 2021.

The programme will kick off with a product development boot camp to teach you the techniques and practices you will need throughout the programme.

Apply Now

If you’re ready to upscale and upskill your startup and take your product to market, we want to hear from you.

Recruitment will close at midnight 28th February.   Apply now > https://www.f6s.com/labbytransportforwalescohort3

If you need any more information or have any queries contact us at – enquiries@tfwlab.wales

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