What is the TfWL Accelerator Programme?

A 12-week accelerator programme designed to take your start-up from ideation to product launch and deploy your solution across Transport for Wales

We run a 12-week accelerator programme consisting of workshops, stakeholder 1-2-1s, mentoring, networking opportunities with key executives and access to a wide range of resources and knowledge from across the sector.

At the end of the 12 weeks, all businesses taking part on the programme will present their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on demo day, with the goal of securing a contract with Transport for Wales. Successful candidates will then have the financial security and access to resources needed to continue development of their product or service to integrate across Transport for Wales.

Who is it for?

We want all applicants to get the most out of this programme, so that their business can grow and so that Transport for Wales can continue to improve and provide the best levels of customer and passenger experience possible.

Lab by Transport for Wales is for any of the following, that have a product or idea that can benefit the sector;




Do I qualify for the programme?

If you, or your business, fits any of the following (not necessarily all), we think you’d be a great candidate for the programme:

You are a tech start-up business or entrepreneur – actively working on an idea (product or service)

You are a scale-up business in the sector

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to; booking systems, on-board commerce, advertising, customer service, end-to-end customer experience, CRM & customer loyalty, infrastructure innovation or operational efficiency.

You have an existing product or service that you feel you could pivot to improve the customer experience and passenger experience

You have a physical product, or are developing a physical product, that you feel could benefit Transport for Wales and the passenger experience

If you, or your business, fits any of the following (not necessarily all), we think you’d be a great candidate for the programme:

Why join?

Get Industry Validated

Learn From Innovation Leaders

Up-Scale Your Business

Access to Experts

An Innovative workspace

Grow Your Business

Previous Cohort Demo Day

Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

How do I apply?

Simply click any of the “apply” buttons on site, or click here, and you will be taken to the F6S application page. F6S is the world’s largest platform for connecting founders with investors, accelerators and incubators, and is what powers our application process.

How long does the programme last?
Our innovation programme lasts for 12 weeks, with demo day taking place in week 12 of the programme.
Where is the programme based?
Our innovation lab is located at the Platform building in Newport, Wales.
How much time do I need to commit to the programme?
We deliver day long workshops sessions once a week for the duration of the programme. You will also need to check in with product sponsors/owners and allocate time from your business to develop your MVP.
What are the criteria to apply?

You can be an entrepreneur, start-up or a scale-up business. You must have an idea, product or solution that can be applied to solving a TfW problem. Those with an existing minimum viable product, or product at market which can be pivoted to benefit will be considered strong candidates.

Do you take equity in my business?
No. Successful applicants will become candidates and take part in the programme for free. At the end of the 12 weeks, successful businesses will receive a commercial contract if their solution is viable and will benefit Transport for Wales.
Who runs this Accelerator Programme?

The accelerator programme is an initiative from Transport for Wales, in collaboration with Alt Labs. Alt Labs are a dedicated Innovation firm, specialising in running innovation and accelerator programmes, to help corporates implement new and innovative solutions developed by lean and agile start-ups. You can learn more about Alt Labs here.

What is the evaluation criteria for applications?
All applications will be judged and evaluated by a panel of team members from Alt Labs and Transport for Wales. Key criteria will be your idea or offering, the potential for it to benefit Transport for Wales and how TfWL can help your business.